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Recommended Equipment Checklist

Curious about what equipment and supplies you need to go live? Just your phone and a computer—seriously.

With Videeo, all you need is your computer and phone to go live. It's really that easy. But if you're wanting to level up your live sale, we've got a few other recommendations for you.

Your Equipment

Image Equipment How You'll Use It
Supplies_Phone.png Phone

You'll use your phone to capture the audio and video for your live sale! 

You'll start your broadcast from a link generated during the go live process--no special phone app needed!

You can use an iOS or Android device, we just recommend it has a great, working camera and microphone!

Supplies_Computer.png Computer

You'll use your computer to start and manage your live sale.

You can use a desktop or laptop computer, and we recommend using Chrome as your browser.

Supplies_RingLight.png Ring Light

If you want stellar lighting during your live sale, then we recommend using a ring light. 

While not required to go live, ring lights provide a consistent and flattering glow. Perfect for highlighting your products and hosts!

We recommend at least one 18" ring light.

Your Go Live Space

Retailers will vary on their "Go Live" space, or the area where they host their live sales. Brick-and-mortar businesses might host from within their shop, while operations with a warehouse might dedicate a corner to their live space. We recommend using whatever space you have that works for you.

How you choose to design your Go Live space will depend on the look and feel of your brand. You can stage your background with wall art, plants, and other decor, or keep it simple with just the rack or table of products you'll feature during the sale. 

What Now?

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