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Conduct a Test Live

Note: We've designed this checklist for retailers using our Videeo by CommentSold Shopify app. If you have questions about getting started with Videeo, please reach out to our Support team at

Ready for the world of live selling? Set yourself up for success by conducting test lives to ensure Videeo works with your Shopify setup.

We've designed Videeo to be easy for you to use, however, we strongly recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with our features and the "Go Live" process by conducting test lives before going live in front of an actual audience. 

Test lives will significantly reduce the possibility of "on-air" technical issues and set your live sale broadcasts up for success.

Plan a minimum of 2 test lives so you can fully walk through the process of going live and ensure no conflict with your existing Shopify setup.

Use the below checklist to guide you through our app and the test live process.

Installation and Setup

  • Complete the Videeo installation process

Complete all screens included in the Videeo app installation process until you arrive at the "Congratulations!" page.

  • Confirm your Live Shopping Page exists

After installation, head to the Pages section of your Shopify dashboard (Online Store > Pages) and confirm your Live Shopping page is listed. You’ll add it to your navigation later.

Before Your Test Live

  • Create a test product collection in Shopify.

Add products to a collection you’ll use in your test live (Products > Collections). Make sure the number of products matches what you’d plan to feature in a real live sale. All products must be Active and products and the collection must be published to the Online Store sales channel in Shopify.

  • Select your test product collection on your Go Live page.

Allow time for the products to sync. Once they have, you should see a thumbnail preview of the first few products in the collection. If this process takes more than 5 minutes, please reach out to us at

  • Connect your social media accounts.

If you plan to broadcast on your social accounts, you’ll want to include them in your test. You can follow these instructions to connect your accounts. Once connected, you should see a green Connected banner on the Manage Channels dashboard. 

  • Start your host live broadcast feeds.

On your Go Live page, enable the Test Mode toggle and start your host broadcast feed using the link or QR code provided. Ensure the video and audio preview feeds appear. Don’t worry–you aren’t live yet! 

Test Mode will deactivate the mini-player on your website so those browsing won't be directed to your Live Selling Page.

  • Start your test live.

Once you have selected a collection, connected your social accounts, and have your host feed ready to go, select Go Live to start your test live sale and move to your Live Sale Dashboard.

During Your Test Live

While live for your test live sale, check the following items:


  • Ensure the host feed appears in your Live Sale Dashboard.

You should be able to see and hear both the video and audio feeds for your host in the center of your dashboard.

  • Practice inviting a guest to your live broadcast.

If you plan to host guests or customers, or add an additional camera angle, test that process. You’ll want to practice inviting, adding, and removing these second sources, as well as muting them. Learn how here.

  • Practice changing featured products.

Products from your collection should appear on the left side of your Live Sale Dashboard. Select different products and ensure that the overlay at the top of the host feed updates to reflect the new product you’ve selected. 

  • Confirm your Live Selling Player appears on your Live Shopping Page.

Head to your Live Shopping page ( and confirm that your Live Selling Player appears. You should be able to see your host feed (and guests, if invited) as well as products from your selected collection and the chat panel. Note that there will be a slight delay in the broadcast feed from what appears on your Live Sale Dashboard. 

  • Confirm your mini-player appears on your website

Head to your website and ensure your live sale feed appears in the bottom-right corner of the page. Navigate around your site and ensure that the mini–player follows you to each page you visit.

Note: If you enabled Test Mode when you went live, then your mini-player will not appear on your website during the test live. You can confirm it appears when you conduct your first real live sale.

  • Add products to your cart and confirm checkout flow.

Practice adding a product or two to your shopping cart and ensure you can start the checkout flow on your website.

  • Test your broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram.

If you connected your social media accounts, head to those destinations and ensure your live feed appears. You should see and hear your host feed (and guest, if invited) and see the product overlay at the top of the feed. Note that there will be a slight delay in the broadcast feed from what appears on your Live Sale Dashboard.

  • Test commenting on the live broadcast.

Comment SOLD + product number on your Facebook and/or Instagram live streams and ensure you receive a DM on the platform with a link to your checkout page.

Worried about broadcasting a live trail to your social accounts? Don’t be! You can use this opportunity to say hi to your followers and tease or promote upcoming live sales. The important thing is ensuring that when you go live on these platforms, your followers get a seamless shopping experience.
It might be helpful to have something scripted or practiced to say to anyone who jumps onto your test live (remember, you’ll see your viewer count on your Live Sale Dashboard)! Here’s an example you can take a make you’re own:
“Hey, [viewer name(s) here or “hey everyone”]. We’re testing out something really exciting we’ll be bringing to y’all soon–live sales! How fun is that? When we go live in the future, you’ll be able to join, chat and interact with us and each other, and shop. We’re really excited and can’t wait for you to experience live shopping with [your brand name]”

If you experience any issues with the above items and/or encounter any error messages, please contact our Support team at

Once you have successfully completed your test lives, you can add your Live Shopping page to your website’s navigation menu and host your debut live sale!

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