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Go Live with the Videeo Live Shopping

Note: We've designed this article for retailers using our Videeo Live Shopping Shopify app.

Lights, camera, action! Broadcast your live sale on your Shopify website and social platforms to connect with your viewers, showcase your products, and convert shoppers into customers!

Live selling gives your shoppers an engaging and interactive buying experience. You can showcase products, highlight details such as fit, texture, and material, and provide a seamless way for customers to make a purchase.

Videeo offers a multi-channel live selling experience which means you can "go live" and connect with customers on your website, mobile app, and social media accounts simultaneously.

We walk through the process of going live with Videeo below.

Hosting Your First Live?

Before you broadcast your first live sale,  make sure you’ve completed the following tasks:

  • Create your Live Sale product collection. Your Live Sale collection groups together all the products you will feature during your live sale. Learn more here.
  • Customize your Live Selling Player. Your Live Selling Player appears on your Live Shopping page. You can customize the look and feel of this player to match your website via Settings > Live Player Settings in the top-right corner of your Go Live page. Learn more here.
  • Familiarize yourself with recommended best practices. If you're new to live selling, we've put together a guide with some recommended best practices and tips for how to structure your live sale and interact with viewers. Learn more here.

Go Live with Videeo

  1. Select Videeo Live Shopping in the Sales Channel section of your Shopify side menu. 
  2. In the Start Selling Live section, select Go Live.

Enter Your Live Details

Start with entering details about your live sale, like the theme and/or products you plan to feature. This helps build excitement for the sale.

  1. Live Event Title and Description. These fields are required and will display for shoppers when you go live on social media. Videeo also uses this information for replays of past live sales.
    • Live Event Title. Enter a title for the live event.
    • Live Description. Enter a description for the live event.
  2. Live Type. Select a live type from the drop-down. Live type kickstarts the vibe or intent of your live sale. It will also help determine what additional steps you complete in the go-live process and where your live will broadcast. 
  3. Default Currency. Choose your default currency or the currency that will appear for your team. If you sell internationally on Shopify, then a shopper will see their designated currency (i.e., a UK shopper will see an item displayed in the British pound sterling).
  4. Schedule Live for Later. If you wish to schedule a live sale for a later date and time, enable this toggle. Learn more about scheduling live sales here
When you turn on test mode, the Live Type changes to Test Live. Turning it off switches the Live Type to Live Show.
Quick note! If you plan to go live on Facebook, avoid adding dollar signs ($) and decimal points (2.99) in your Live Title and Live Description. This reduces the likelihood of Facebook flagging the post as a Facebook Sales Post.

Select Your Product Collection

Your second step is to select the collection of products you intend to feature in the live sale. You'll need to create this collection ahead of going live. You can learn more about creating a live sale product collection here.

Type the name of the collection into the field provided, then select the collection from the list of options. Once selected, you'll see a green success message as well as product images from the collection.

Enable Notification

Enable the toggle to send a notification to your mobile app users when this live starts.

Choose Where to Go Live

Next, you’ll choose where you wish to broadcast your live sale feed. Current options include your Website, your Facebook business page, and your Instagram account.

If you need to set up or re-connect any of these channels, select Settings at the top of the page, then Streaming Channels.

Select the toggle to the right of each location where you wish to broadcast your live sale feed. A green toggle indicates a location where you will go live.

Set Up Your Stream(s)

Your last step before you go live is to test your live sale streaming connection. Here you can preview your lighting, sound, and video feed as your shoppers will see them.

Please note that at this part of the process, you are NOT live. Viewers cannot see your feed until you select the Go Live button on the right side of the page.

  • Generate Host Stream. Select Get Started and follow the instructions on-screen to set up your host feed.
  • Invite Guest to Live. With Videeo, you can invite a guest host or set up a secondary camera source for your live sale. Select Invite Guest to do so. You can follow along with a more in-depth walkthrough of going live with a guest host here.

Go Live

Once you’re happy with your audio and visual feeds, it’s time to go live! To do so, select the Go Live button on the right side of the page.

Your Live Sale Dashboard

Your Live Sale Dashboard is where you can monitor all things live sale related. We pull all the must-have information onto this page so you don’t have to worry about checking elsewhere.

  1. Live Notification. This blinking light in the top-left corner of your dashboard lets you know you’re live and “on the air.”
  2. Session Timer. Keep an eye on how long you’ve been live using this timer.
  3. Viewership Count. View the number of shoppers watching your sale via your connected sales channels.
  4. Product Collection. Your Now Showing product should match the product you are currently featuring on the live sale. You'll see this product featured in the live sale overlay, along with available variants and the identifier (e.g., 100, 101, 200, etc.). 
    • Want to showcase a new product? Simply select that product in the listing to refresh the overlay with the new product details.
  5. Live Sale Feed. View how your shoppers see your live sale feed in this preview window.
  6. Invite Guest. View how your guest's feed appears. Hover over the guest feed for the option to Add to Live
  7. Manage View. If you have a guest, you can manage how the two feeds appear. Options include full-screen, half-screen, and picture-in-picture. Learn more here.
  8. Real-Time Comments Feed. View and respond to customer comments in real-time.

End Your Live Sale

When you are ready to end your live sale broadcast, select End Live in the top-right corner of your Live Sale Dashboard.

On the End Live pop-up, confirm the name of the live sale. You can also choose whether to make this life sale shoppable on-demand by selecting the Enable Online Replays toggle. You can also enable this later on your Replay History page should you wish not to enable it at this time.

Select End & Save at the bottom of the pop-up. You are still live until you select this button. You will always want to end the broadcast feeds on your mobile device (and the guest's mobile device, if invited).

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