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Block Customers Commenting on a Live Sale on Your Website

Your live sales should always be a place for exciting product drops, brand takeovers, and authentic connections between you and your community or within your community.

Unfortunately, as we often see in the comments of social posts, videos, and other content across the Internet, there are sometimes individuals who seek to distract, challenge, or ruin a place that people enjoy being. We often hear these individuals referred to as trolls.

To help protect the community you work so hard to build, we're excited to announce the ability to block those customers who leave unacceptable comments during a live sale on your website.

Note: At this time, blocking customers only works on your website live player. This feature does not block the individual from commenting via your mobile app, Instagram, or Facebook Page. We plan to release this ability to the mobile app soon. For Instagram and Facebook, you will need to ban the users directly from those platforms.

How Blocking Customers Works

  • Once you block a customer, their comments will be hidden on your Live Dashboard as well as the feeds of other customers. 
  • Blocked customers do not receive any notification that you've banned them. They will continue to see their own comments and comments entered by others.
  • Any comments entered by a blocked customer will not be present in the Live Replay of the sale.
  • If a blocked customer clears their browser history or logs into your website live sale via Loginless Chat (#1) from another browser, then their comments will again be viewable by all users, including the Live Sale Overview.
  • If the blocked customer logged in using their Facebook account (#2), and they continue to log in using Facebook, their comments will not be visible to others.
    • To unblock a customer who logged in using their Facebook account, please contact our Support Team.


Block a Customer on Your Website Live Sale


  1. On your Live Dashboard, locate a comment from the customer you wish to block.
  2. Select the 🚫 on the right side of the customer's comment.
  3. Confirm your action on the pop-up by selecting Ban User.
  4. Once the action is confirmed, the dashboard updates and shows the customer's name and that the comment has been removed from the chat. If the customer continues to comment, their comments will only be visible to themselves. 
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