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Allow Shoppers to View Products in Local Currency

Enable Shopify's currency selector to let shoppers select their preferred/local currency on your mobile app and website. 

This setting lets shoppers view products in their preferred currency, making it easier for them to compare prices and complete purchases without hassle.  The real advantage lies in its potential to improve conversion rates. Shoppers won't need to leave your site to figure out currency conversions, minimizing distractions and encouraging impulse buying on a global scale. 

When you sell in markets with local currencies, Shopify converts prices to the shopper's currency. These prices update automatically with market exchange rates. Learn more about the exchange rate here.

  • Displaying local currency is done in Shopify, not Videeo. It is a Shopify setting.
  • Allowing shoppers to select their local currency does not impact your currency settings– for example, you will still be paid in USD even if the shopper sees prices in Euros.

Enable Currency Selector

  1. Select Settings in the bottom left corner of your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Select Markets in the side menu.
  3. Select the Market to which you wish to enable local currency. 
  4. Select Products and Pricing from the Market Setting section.
  5. Select the Show prices to customers in their local currency checkbox.
  6. Select Save in the top-right corner.

How a Shopper Can Select Their Preferred Currency

Option 1: Mobile Option 2: Website

  1. Customers can locate the currency selector in the top-left corner of your mobile app.
  2. The customer can select their preferred County/Region from the drop-down. 


And that’s it! Your mobile app page will automatically refresh, and customers will see the product prices in their preferred/local currency.

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