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Videeo Release Notes



New Releases

  • Increase Logo Size on the Mobile App
    • Users can now increase the size of their logo within the app for better brand visibility and customization.
  • Feature Collections at the Top
    • Select and publish a specific collection to appear at the top of the list in the mobile app, ensuring your featured products get maximum attention.
  • Access Cart from Live and Replay Screens
    • Easily access the cart directly from the Live and Replay screens, streamlining the shopping experience for users.
  • Auto-Select Currency Based on Location
    • The mobile app now automatically sets the currency based on the customer's device location, providing a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Haptic Feedback on iOS App
    • Enjoy enhanced user experience on the iOS app with haptic feedback when adding items to the cart and during checkout.

Bug Fixes

  • Comments made on different platforms (app/webstore) now sync correctly.
  • The green spinning icon now appears when buyers comment during live sessions.
  • Filter selection is retained, and filtered products no longer reset on page refresh.


New Releases

  • Picture in Picture for Mobile App 
    • Shoppers can now browse the mobile app with a minimized window of the live sale playing, allowing them to multitask efficiently without missing any updates or special offers.
  • Local Currency Selector
    • Shoppers can now choose their preferred currency on the app and website, with prices automatically converted for shopper's convenience. This does not impact your currency settings (for example, you will still be paid in USD even if the shopper makes the payment in Euros). 

Product Updates

  • Pricing Plan
    • You can start with a base plan and add any of the options, such as Popclips, Mobile App, or Live Selling. 
    • Each addon has its own pricing and metrics, such as monthly views for Popclips, app downloads and take rates for the Mobile App, and the number of live sessions and take rates for Live Selling.
  • Live Types
    • The live types are now simplified into the following four categories:
      • Test Live - Run a test live.
      • Live Show - Create a live interactive shopping experience for your audience
      • Collab Live - Invite guest to join you on camera using, our state of the art multi-source features.
      • Customer Engagement Live - Build intimate customer relationships and turn them into loyal fans.
  • Help Center
    • The Videeo Help Center just received a stunning makeover! Now featuring a sleek, user-friendly design, it offers seamless navigation, vibrant new colors, and engaging video GIFs that make finding help a breeze. Explore our enhanced Help Center and experience the difference!


  • Popclips Sound (Mobile)
    • When an iPhone has the phone in silent mode, pressing the device's volume increase or decrease button will turn the sound on for the popclip.
  • Cart and Search Page  (Mobile)
    • The Cart and Search pages for your mobile app have a new enhanced UI. The look and feel are cleaner, the images are better aligned, and the images are more significant.
  • Exclude Popclips from the App PDP  (Mobile)
    • You can now keep popclips only in your Popclips feed and exclude them from product detail pages on your mobile app.
  • Quantity Selector on PDP and Cart  (Mobile)
    • Shoppers can now increase/decrease the quantity of the product on the product detail pages and the cart page. This way shoppers can directly adjust the quantity of items they add to their cart.


  • Indicator for Sold Out Variants
    • Indications for sold-out variants are now much clearer and more aesthetically pleasing on the Live Selling overview.
  • Discounts on App (Mobile)
    • You can now create a Shopify discount and assign it to the Videeo Sales Channel. This is key when offering app-only discounts and can help you drive app downloads.
  • Sales Channel Side Menu
    • The new Sales Channel side menu displays all Videeo navigation items in one place.
  • UI Enhancements on the Cart Page (Mobile)
    • New UI enhancements for text alignment, image display, and pricing display.
  • Physical Volume and Mute Button (Mobile)
    • When an iPhone has the phone in silent mode, pressing the device's volume increase button will turn on the sound for live sales, live replays, and popclips.


  • Guest Checkout
    • Shoppers can now check as guests on the Videeo Mobile Shopping app.
  • Mobile App Banner
    • You can now customize the mobile app banner and display it on the app.
  • New UI on Filter Screen - Mobile
    • New enhanced UI for the product/collection filter on the Videeo Mobile Shopping app.
  • New UI for Live and Replays - Mobile
    • New enhanced UI for live and replays on the Videeo Mobile Shopping app.
  • New UI for Order Summary in Cart - Mobile
    • New enhanced UI for order summary breakdown on the Videeo Mobile Shopping app shopping cart page.
  • Live Banner Customization - Mobile
    • You can now customize the text that displays within the banner on the mobile app during an active live sale.
  • Mobile App Viewer Count
    • You can now see the number of mobile app viewers on the dashboard.
  • Header Logo for Mobile App
    • You can now customize the header logo for your mobile app within the Manage Your App section of the Sales Channel.
  • Popclips - Shoppable Videos
    • With Popclips (Shoppable Video), you can create an engaging shopping experience on both your website and mobile app.
    • Popclips breathe life into product pages by adding creative product videos you choose. Showcase the product with a demo or user-generated content (UGC), or highlight a customer video review.
  • Shop All Button during Live Shows - Mobile
    • You can now select Shop all while watching live shows to view all products that have been showcased up to that point in the live.
  • Shoppable Videos Feed - Mobile
    • On your mobile app, shoppable videos go beyond just product pages on the Popclips feed, a TikTok-like feed that your shoppers can scroll. It’s a feed you 100% control–zero ads and zero algorithms.


  • Removing Support for Facebook Groups
    • Meta is deprecating the Facebook Group API on April 22, 2024. This prevents CS from publishing posts and lives to Facebook Groups. It also prevents CS from collecting customer 'SOLD' comments from Facebook Groups and linking them to customer CS records.
    • To get ahead of this change. Facebook Groups support is being removed from Videeo.
    • This only impacts Facebook Groups. You can still publish posts, live, and support 'SOLD' comments on linked Facebook pages.
  • Live Types Dropdown
    • When you schedule a live on Videeo, you will now have the option to choose from a list of live show types (like Ask Me Anything, Collection Drops, Celebrity Guest Hosts, Q&A, etc.).
    • This provides a framework that exposes you to options for keeping shoppers engaged during a show.
  • Troll Control
    • You can now block viewers from Live Overview. This will remove the blocked viewer's comments from the live sale. Blocked viewer’s comments will not appear in the replay as well.
  • Menu Changes
    • Within the Go Live section you can now find manage live calendar, manage recorded lives, and schedule live nested within the Go Live option of the top menu bar. Additionally, nested within settings are– streaming channels, visual settings, live player settings.
  • Mobile App Collection Filters
    • You can filter your collection on the mobile app.
  • Audio Optimizations
    • Audio quality is now optimized. You can investigate audio reconnection on Safari/mobile browsers after configuring in the active app.
    • USB mics will not be supported when used with a mobile device.
  • Hex Code for App Setup - Mobile
    • Instead of utilizing the slider to find your brand colors during the app submission process, you now have the option to insert a HEX code.
  • Activate and Save MiniPlayer Step Pop-Up
    • To set up and activate MiniPlayer, you must manually activate the link while installing Videeo for Shopify in the store.
  • Additional Audio Fixes/Optimizations
    • Resolved mic audio not coming through when first starting a live issue.
    • Publishing camera/video feeds is now improved.
  • Custom Push Notifications - Mobile
    • You can now send custom push notifications to mobile app users from the Manage Mobile App section. 
  • Go Live Push Notifications
    • You can now create a custom push notification within the Go Live flow that will trigger when selecting Go Live and notifying mobile app customers.
  • Mobile App to Go Live Flow
    • You now have the option to toggle Mobile App as ON or OFF as a streaming channel for live shows.
  • Videeo Mobile Shopping App
    • You can now request your free Videeo mobile app in Shopify!
    • Free mobile apps position Videeo as the #1 Shopify app for engaging with today's shoppers.


  • Look and Feel Changes
    • Design updates for all shops will follow the Luxury Promise changes. These won't be feature-flagged, as existing change flags are being removed. However, specific design changes can be disabled for shops that prefer not to have them. The updates you will see are:
      • Center panel video
      • Custom colors for headers and buttons (from the customize menu)
      • Font change
    • These changes will also apply to replays and scheduling.
  • Email Address
    • To add a Videeo for Shopify account, you can either use your existing email address or create a new one specifically for your business.
  • Instagram/Facebook Purchase Link CTAs
    • Enhanced the DMs shoppers receive when shopping via live sales on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Updating Plans
    • You can now change your Videeo for Shopify plans without support. After cancellation, CommentSold will offer a new plan with a 7.5% commission and no SaaS fee. If implemented, this new plan will appear as a Videeo for Shopify sub-item in Shopify.
  • Barcode Scanning
    • The error when product barcodes starting with 0000 were scanned is now resolved.
  • Sales Channel Conversion
    • The Videeo for Shopify now shows in the Sales Channel section of the left Shopify sidebar, not the Apps section. You can publish your products/collections to the Videeo sales channel.
    • You must publish products/collections to the Videeo sales channel before they can appear in Live Sales and the mobile app. Learn more here.
  • Videeo Mobile Shopping App
    • With Videeo, you can create and launch a branded mobile shopping app for your business. This makes it easier than ever for your shoppers to browse, cart, and purchase products from their phones 24/7. You can also broadcast live sales on your mobile app and send free push notifications so shoppers don’t miss out!
      • Step 1: Get Set Up with iOS - DUNS, Dev Account, and CS Dev email.
      • Step 2: Enter Contact and Support information.
      • Step 3: Add the app icon and launch the screen image.
      • Step 4: Submit information.
  • Active Speaker Indicator
    • When a host talks during a live sale, the microphone icon now lights up.



  • Plan Sheet with December Discount
    • Enjoy a 25% holiday discount on plans for new users from Dec 1 to Dec 25! We've switched live selling hours to monthly instead of weekly and set a maximum concurrent livestream viewer limit. To access the discount, please uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Facebook and Instagram Carting
    • If you add an item to your cart on Facebook or Instagram and then go to Shopify, your cart will now update seamlessly as you toggle between social media and Shopify while adding more items. But you must follow each link, as commenting alone won't add items to the cart.
  • Shopify Permissions Update 
    • The process will look similar but with the production app name and without the hasn't been reviewed banner. The action button will say Update app instead of Update unlisted app.
  • Ability to Add Coupon Codes
    • When you confirm your current plan, you can add a coupon code. This code will adjust your subscription to a new plan with the adjusted price.


  • Hidden Embed Widget
    • Embed widgets are now hidden by default. You can flag them to make them visible as needed.
  • Videeo for Shopify In App Cart
    • The checkout process is now integrated with our standard checkout, helping shoppers track their progress as they add items to their carts. The cart is embedded in the live player and doesn't require any updates to your Shopify theme.


  • Take Rate Usage Fee
    • Charge description is now visible on Shopify billing under Videeo Take Rate Usage Charge.
  • Scheduled Lives
    • With Live Scheduler, you can plan and schedule upcoming live sale events. This allows you to promote and build hype around an event theme, featured collections and products, and/or a promotion. 
    • When it’s time to start a scheduled live sale event, you’ll head to your Live Schedule page. Your event details and collection will automatically load, so all you’ll need to do is let Videeo know where you want to broadcast your live sale and cue up your host and guest streams.


  • Login-less Chat
    • Shoppers can now chat without needing a Facebook login by simply entering their first and last names. However, Facebook login remains an option. 
    • It blocks profane names and profanity in chat and hyperlinks in names or chat messages.
  • Catalog Search
    • You can now go live with a selected collection, no scanning is needed (though it's still an option). This feature lets you search the selected collection or your entire catalog, enabling a direct connection to any product in your catalog during the live session.
  • Pre-Live Checklist
    • You will now see a pre-live checklist reminder for your first three live sessions. You must select the provided checkbox to confirm that you've viewed the checklist.
    • We recommend you do a live test beforehand. The test live modal includes a checkbox to disable the mini-player, ensuring you don't direct traffic to your test session.


  • Multisource Changes for WebApp Live View
    • The Host and Guest WebApp views now display the actual feed view that shoppers see. This means when you refer to the WebApp, you'll see an accurate image, aiding with positioning and layout adjustments.
  • I18N Changes (Internationalization)
    • Video for Shopify will now display product prices in the customer's selected locale and currency. You can now set the displayed currencies in social broadcasts.
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